Education & Outreach

At LUKE BROWN DANCE we are committed to educating the next generation of aspiring dance artists. We pride ourselves on delivering engaging and high-quality educational workshop experiences from beginners to advanced and professional levels.

Luke and the highly skilled teaching team work to deliver fun, enjoyable, collaborative and safe working environments for participants from KS3, GCSE, A-Level and after school clubs, as well as higher education and beyond. The sessions make ground for participants to roll, slide, tip and float whilst focusing on sensitivity and the detail of human interactions.

BCDCY & Brackenhale School Collaboration Pitch. 2015

Current repertoire from Luke Brown’s work will fuel the workshop. We encourage the dancers to begin to explore their own choreographic language through carefully crafted improvisational games and tasks.

Luke is certainly infusing this new generation of young dancers with such a passion, because he understands their needs, both on and off stage, in workshops, rehearsals, choreographically and in performance. Having seen some of his most recent work with Berkshire County Dance Company Youth, I found the choreography refreshingly fearless, with the young company willing to try new ideas and go on a journey with him. It was intricate, mature and moving.

– Auriole Wells – Teacher/Choreographer and Former Artistic Director Lift Off Dance Festival

LUKE BROWN DANCE offer a physical class that works with the centre of gravity and the gentle stacking of limbs in order to roll, slide, fall and float. We focus on human contact, allowing the pouring of weight between two separate bodies and synchronising people to move as one.

BCDCY & Brackenhale School Collaboration Pitch. 2015

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"Luke Brown is an inspirational teacher and a talented choreographer. His workshops are challenging both physically and intellectually, but pitched at such level to ensure success. His gift is his instinct"

Lynda Clough, Head of dance, Dame Allan's Schools, Newcastle