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Saturday, February 6th, 2016

BalletBoyz Dancers Course

Meet Lucy Namgauds from the BalletBoyz Dancers Course.

This past weekend with Luke Brown was filled with hugs, laughter and plenty of fun. He filled the studio with energy and enthusiasm which carried through the entire weekend. We learned rep that when dancing it, Luke encouraged us to embrace the feeling of effortlessness, yet it was combined with intricate movements that physically challenged us.

On Saturday Luke gave us a task to just walk around the space and embrace the first person you see in a hug and really feel the connection between the bodies. The sensitivity of touch was a focus during all partner work through the weekend and this originated from the hug. We all felt a strong connection with our partners and it was easy to listen to each other’s bodies and it was all initiated from something all of humanity does, a hug.

Using the rep, he then asked us to create duets using the movement but being in continuous contact with our partner. This was when we got to put the sensitivity and compassion towards each other into practice, together we had to find ways to move through the rep but at the same time accommodating your partner being in the same space. Luke also showed us that by aligning your centre of gravity with a partner, you can create interesting and daring balances, even standing on someone’s head!

For me, the biggest challenge was letting go of the idea I had to dance exactly the same way Luke taught us and let my own personality shine through. This is something Luke discussed with us, that he wants to see us as individual human beings, not clones of himself.

I think the main point we all took away from working with Luke is how important the connection is between you and the people you are working or dancing with and the importance of a hug. I encourage everyone to get hugging and spread the love!

Lucy Namgauds 3

Lucy has had five years training in hip hop dance and completed 3 years  Contemporary training at Falmouth University.

BalletBoyz – Week 4 with Luke Brown

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