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‘For You I Long the Longest’ touring Autumn 2016

For You I Long the Longest Tour

‘For You I Long the Longest’ A Double Bill by Luke Brown Dance featuring Second Self and Princess. For more information on the tour please follow the following link:


Exploring the idolisation of another through the fascination of their quirks and the comparison to one’s self, four dancers subtly mimic one another and transform themselves to create their ideal ‘second self’. Second Self propels the notion of stepping into someone else’s shoes to the extreme and uses intricate gestural movement to explore the nuances of human behaviour.


Princess explores the humour and absurdity of romance and the journey towards finding a true love’s kiss. Challenging the ideas of a fairy-tale ‘happily ever after’, Princess pits fact against fiction and expectation against reality, in order to demonstrate both the beauty and brutality of true love. After all, no one can see what really goes on behind someone’s castle walls.

Using classic visual references alongside movement and text, Luke generates recognisable scenarios with an innovative twist, to which a variety of ages can relate. Commenting on the different generational ideas of what it really means to fall in love, Princess invites the audience on a nostalgic trip to question their own experiences and ideas of relationships.

Previous Works


Commission on London Studio Centre’s second year students for Dance Overture 2015.


11:11 an autobiographical study that explores difficult and personal memories. Embracing childhood, and all that surrounds this naive period of growth, 11:11 is an unsettling yet beautifully intricate insight into a young man’s journey of bravery and strength. A visually isolated solo interwoven with trauma and beauty, delicately delivered by Luke Brown.

“Luke Brown's work is a sensitive comment on our humanity and stories. He blends subtle physical nuances with lush full movement. A treat to watch”

Sacha Lee, The Point